RF Shipping Logistics

RF Shipping has been providing Premium Collection, Packing & International Shipment service for Antiques, Fine Arts and Rare Books since 2005

RF Shipping and Logistics was founded by an antiquarian bookseller Robert Frew in 2005. The company began servicing the auction clearance requirements of Robert Frew Ltd’s colleagues in the book trade, and now packs and ships all manner of goods worldwide. Interesting shipments handled by RF Shipping include the transferral of large libraries from 20,000 books to an institute in China, collection of Signed 1st edition Harry potter books, to Original Banksy’s paintings being shipped to USA.

Why Choose Us?


As experienced bookdealers we have handled the packing and shipping of books and various items for some 15 years having developed a large range of logistical solutions to the needs of the industry. Shipping nationally and Internationally we offer very competitive rates, with a proven track record RF Shipping ensure your items will arrive safely packed, no consignment is impossible, if you have a need we will find a way.

We work closely with Major auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christies Bonhams etc.

We are also partnering Shippers with Forum Auctions – www.forumauctions.co.uk


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